An Extra Room For Extra Happiness!

Vision Ace An Extra Room For Extra Happiness

When you’re booking your dream home, you shouldn’t have to adjust or compromise. Every member of your family deserves the space to enjoy his/her peace of mind and stay happy. So why settle for a 2BHK flat when you can give more to your family? One of the new projects in Wakad, Vision Ace, brings you 3BHK apartments at the unbelievable price of a 2BHK flat!

Here are 4 reasons why you shouldn’t let go of that extra room when booking your dream home:

  • Solve Sibling Squabbles
  • Solve Sibling Squabbles Imagine how happy you (and your children) would be if they each had their own separate rooms! The peace and sanity of the household would surely be left undisturbed. In case you have an only child, an extra room can also be converted into a play room or toy room to create your little one’s own little kingdom.
  • Invite Your Parents
  • Invite your parents Your home should always feel like an open invitation to your parents, to come spend time with you and bond with their grandchildren. At the same time, you want to ensure that everyone is comfortable and your parents enjoy their privacy and quiet. Here’s where an extra room can come in handy to serve as their peaceful retreat.
  • Welcome Overnight Guests
  • Your guests, whether expected or unexpected, will never be a hassle for you. Extend a warm welcome to your relatives or friends to stay for as long as needed, when you have a guest room on offer. You can leave no stone unturned to make it feel like their home away from home.
  • Make Room For Hobbies
  • Was it your dream to ever have an art room, music room or library at home? Now fulfil your dreams when you have extra space for yourself, your spouse and your children’s hobbies to grow! Learn a musical instrument, set up your art studio or display your collection of books with an additional room.
What’s more? Not only do you enjoy the benefits of more room, Vision Ace also offers you modern home automation with smart homes in Pune! Hurry, book your smart 3BHK flat in Wakad, Pune, and experience more happiness.
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